Certificates Of Appreciation

Why Provide Certificates of Appreciation?

Good work is always a requirement no matter what field you belong to. Ever thought of what keeps an individual motivated to continue the good work? It’s appreciation. Without appreciation, an individual will at certain level stop enjoying the work and give further better inputs.

A certificate of appreciation is one such thing which expresses the recognition of your work. A certificate of appreciation is a warm expression which boosts your spirits and pushes you to carry on with delivering good services.

What are Certificates of Appreciation?

Certificates of appreciation are official documents given to an individual as expression to appreciate and recognize his or her services. It is given in recognition of the valuable services given by the individual towards an organization or institution. Certificate of appreciation makes you feel that your efforts were worth something and thereby motivate you further to carry on with your good work for the organization.

To others, certificates of appreciation must appear to be just a piece of parchment but the one who gets it knows its worth. Whether it be a peon, a student or an executive everyone wants their efforts to be appreciated. Certificate of appreciation is a humble gesture towards your priceless efforts you put in.

Certificates Of Appreciation: Contents

One of the more important aspects of certificates of appreciation is the layout and design. People receiving it wants to keep it as their prized possession; hence lots of efforts and thinking is put in while designing the layout of the certificate of appreciation.

certificates of appreciation

  • A certificate of appreciation includes the name and logo of the organization or authority giving it away.
  • Then it must include the purpose of giving it. In this the purpose for which the certificate of appreciation is awarded is written in brief.
  • Then it includes the name of the individual to whom the certificate of appreciation is being granted.
  • Below are the signatures of the awarding authority of the certificate of appreciation.
  • The certificate is printed on a high quality paper to increase its credibility and value.
  • The language used in the certificate of appreciation is professional.
  • The design of the certificate follows a particular pattern depending on the organization. There is one custom design used by an organization for the certificate of appreciation which also symbolizes the corporate culture of that organization.
  • A good certificate of appreciation is brief and concise. Remember you are writing for the certificate not for the editorial column of the newspaper. Gesture of expression is best served when it is concise.
  • Towards the end there should be a thanking note for the services provided by the individual to whom the certificate is given. It must also include the best wishes and an anticipation of the continued array of quality services in future.

Take a look at a presentation ceremony of the US Air Force. A certificate of appreciation is being handed out.

People have a craving for appreciation. Researchers have proved that people respond better to their services and duties when appreciated. Hence, it must be customary for an organization to have the culture of distributing and awarding certificate of appreciation to the people who serve them. This will ensure a continued inflow of good and quality work. If you are looking for ways to motivate members of your team, then maybe you should consider presenting them with certificates of appreciation.